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  • The First School Transition- From a Developmental Lens

  • Helpful Information and Resources to help prepare your child for school

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Children begin school at different stages of development, and this is because each child is unique and they develop at their own pace.  According to the ‘Quebec Survey of Child Development in Kindergarten’, 1 in 4 kindergarten children face some challenges in at least one aspect of their development, however once beginning school, the child  will often ‘catch-up’.  


Children have already began this developmental process before starting school, and this foundation continues to development once at school.


It's important to consider your child's start to school from a developmental perspective.  This might require a shift in our own thinking as we often tend to focus on our child’s academic skills and abilities, rather than their overall development. 


The preschool cycle program focuses on the global development of the child and the teacher’s observations allows them to prepare activities that reflect the child's interests, but also their needs, in order to help them reach their full potential. 

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